Socio-Cultural Potential of a Scientific Library of Higher Education Institution in Students’ Value Attitude to Education Development

  •  Alsu R. Rakhmanova    
  •  Victoria V. Sadovaya    
  •  Marina Yu. Denisova    


The article is aimed to identify social-cultural potential of a scientific library of higher education institution instudents’ value attitude to education development, and also to reveal the content and technology of students’involvement in its activity. With reference to the specified goals, the main approach to this issue research hasbeen the social-cultural approach that determines the efficiency of applied problems solutions in the process ofstudents’ value attitude to education development in the context of a scientific library of higher educationinstitution. In the article there has been revealed the specifics of social-cultural activity of a scientific libraryaimed at the formation of students’ value attitude to education; there has been presented the complex oftask-oriented and systematic pedagogical impacts on personality consciousness and behavior via involving temin social-cultural forms of work of a scientific library in the process of which there takes place the developmentof students’ value attitude to education. Materials of this article can be useful for teachers to develop students’value attitude not only to education but to scientific-research activity as well; to researchers who deal with thesubject of personality value attitude development.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.