The Formation of the Corporate Structures Development Strategy Based on the Quality Management Methods

  •  Anvar V. Gumerov    
  •  Albina F. Salikhova    
  •  Lyudmila S. Petrik    
  •  Regina R. Kharisova    
  •  Renata F. Kuznetsova    
  •  Neile K. Schepkina    


The purpose of this article is to improve the management efficiency of the large industrial associations with highconcentration of the capitals (corporations) under conditions of the highly turbulent Russian economy. Thearticle submitted defines the content of the corporate structures development strategy on the basis of the qualitymanagement methods. The fundamental of the submitted work is the methodological approach considering theagent conflict and the dynamics of the agent expenses in corporate structures. The article provides practicalrecommendations for developing an effective corporate management system within the enterprises of theRussian economy real sector. The article is intended for the chiefs of the enterprises, top managers, theresearchers dealing with the issues of corporate structures strategic planning.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.