Technology of Future Teacher Development as the Subject of Professional Culture

  •  Guzel Insharovna Gaysina    


The article aims to present the educational technologies that develop subjective qualities of future teachers. Ourexperimental research of this process is based on the culturological approach that is one of the modernmethodological approaches in pedagogy. The results of the theoretical and experimental research work in thefield of teacher professional culture formation are presented. It is needed to rely on a stating that subject of theprofessional and pedagogical culture actively learns the pedagogical culture’ artifacts, realizes creativity, designsa cultural educational area for the pupils. In the structure of the teacher professional culture there are threecomponents: evaluative, active and creative. Their subjective development requires educational training processreconstruction on the principles of culturological approach. Pedagogical experiment has confirmed the effect ofproposed conditions and means of teacher professional culture formation. The problem revealed in the article,may be useful for higher school teachers; researchers in the pedagogical problem of education and cultureintegration; students of pedagogical skills.

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