Practical Recommendations for the Teachers on Optimization Process of the Students Majoring in Tourism

  •  Tatyana Borisovna Lisitzina    
  •  Natalya Iosifovna Kovaleva    
  •  Albert Khanifovich Shaikhlislamov    
  •  Venera Nashatovna Minsabirova    
  •  Almira Rubisovna Shaidullina    
  •  Nailya Akhatovna Pavlova    
  •  Yuliya Vladimirovna Nevenchannaya    


The problem under study is urgent as there is the lack of research by the Russian scientists concerning trainingand retraining of the teachers to implement professionally motivational training of the students majoring in"Tourism". This article presents guidelines for the teachers to optimize professionally motivational training ofthe students majoring in "Tourism", which are one of the most important conditions for the effective formationof the students’ motivational sphere in continuous professional education. The article provisions are practicallysignificant for the administration and teaching staff of the vocational education institutions in the course oforganizing professionally motivational training of the students and also for the centers that provide training andprofessional retraining of the college and university teachers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.