Features of the Professional and Motivating Training Content Design for Students Majoring in “Tourism”

  •  Tatyana Borisovna Lisitzina    
  •  Adeliya Vadimovna Pavlova    
  •  Rimma Rostyamovna Khanmurzina    
  •  Valentina Nikolayevna Vlasova    
  •  Nikolai Aleksandrovich Chitalin    
  •  Ilya Nikolayevich Maksimov    
  •  Venera Gilmkhanovna Zakirova    


The urgency of the problem is based on the fact that professional motivating training of students majoring in"Tourism" should be primarily aimed at the formation of their orientation to the professional activity in the fieldof tourism. A key element of this training is its content, aimed at maintaining the interests of students and thepredisposition to their chosen profession. The paper presents the content design features of professional andmotivating training of students majoring in "Tourism" in the region with well-developed folk arts and crafts onthe theoretical, regulatory, educational, personal levels and on the level of tourist activity. The article submissionmay be useful for teachers in selecting and structuring the content of professional and motivating training ofstudents majoring in "Tourism".

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