Ranking Plant Species for Stabilizing SandDune to Combat Desertification by Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods of ELECTRE and LINEAR Assignment

  •  Azam Abdolazimi    
  •  Majid Montazeri    
  •  Mehdi Momeni    


In this study, it is attempted to rank plant species in order to stabilize sand by the application of ELECTRE, andLiner assignment methods in Rig, Sirjan, Iran. The results suggest that in linear assignment method among 7plant species, milk vetch species is in the first ranking with one score, and is the best species to stabilize sand inthe studied area and the Camel's thorn species lies at the bottom of the ranking chart and can't be suitable forsand stabilization. Artichoke, Espand, Glasswort, Sagebrush and Charkha lie in the next rankings respectively bytheir importance. In ELECTRE method, among 7 plant species studied in this research, the milk vetch specieswith four dominances and one defeat with 3 scores is in the first ranking and the Camel's thorn and Artichokespecies with five defeats and no dominance with (-5) score lie at the bottom of the ranking. Glasswort, Charkha,Espand and Sagebrush with (1,1,1,3) dominances and (4,4,4,2) defeats with (-3,-3,-3,1) scores respectively lie inthe next ranks. It should be noticed that Artichoke, Camel's thorn, Glasswort, Charkha and Espand species mustbe omitted because the number of their dominances were less than the number of their defeats. The results of thelinear method were more compatible with reality and were more accurate and precise.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.