Constructivist Approach to the Problem of Social Psychological Adaptation of Migrants

  •  Efremova Ivanovna    
  •  Nesterova Alexandrovna    
  •  Suslova Fedorovna    
  •  Pavlova Evgenyevna    


This article analyzes the problem of migration, research on the social psychological adaptation of migrants in theRussian and foreign psychology, different approaches developed in the paradigm of constructivism are shown.Directions of research on adaptation of migrants that are relevant to the purpose of determining the possibilitiesof using the constructivist approach in addressing adaptation of migrants to the new social environment arepresented. The features that are common to all constructivist approaches that characterize the possibility of usinga constructive approach in social psychological support of migrants in adapting to the new environment areallocated.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.