Critical Impact of Latest Quality Issues and China Dairy Market Economic Overview: Comparative Analysis

  •  Andrew Zheleznov    
  •  Jia Zheng    


Although general Chinese economy now is growing fast and takes leading positions in the world, its dairyindustry comes across several difficulties. It sustained a number of losses after a series of well-known incidentsinvolving food safety. It is certain that paramount mission of the current market conditions requires extensivestudies of critical impact caused. The situation with different dairy products varies, and that’s why the authordescribes in details the milk, cheese, and yoghurt markets. Also it is compared to the markets of Western Europe,Russia, India, New Zealand, Australia, America and Canada. This work attempts to analyze contemporarymarket situation in a retrospective contemplation of the corresponding dynamics and course of economic andpublic events, including basic trends, business analytics and adjacent studies in an endeavor to discover andsituate a better economic mechanism for the given field. The most considerable result is development ofeconomic and business recommendation that are bound to improve the problematic situation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.