Tok Pulau Manis: Pioneer of Fiqh writings in the Malay Peninsular

  •  Zurita Yusoff    
  •  Hasanulddin Mohd    
  •  Abdul Ali    
  •  Engku Wok    
  •  Noor Awang    
  •  Syed Omar    


The proselytising of Islam in the Malay Peninsular depended on the earnestness of the classical Islamic scholars.The spreading of Islam was done through religious talks, Islamic studies classes, and through their writings.Syeikh Abdul Malik bin Abdullah, also known as Tok Pulau Manis is one of the classical Islamic scholars thatwas born in the state of Terengganu, which was active in producing religious books especially in the field of fiqhand ta?awwuf. However, most of the recent generations are not aware of his legacy and contributions in thespreading of Islam. Therefore, this article attempts to study his life and academic background, and highlights hiscontribution as one of the earliest classical Islamic scholars that produced fiqh writings in the Malay Peninsula.The result of this study finds that Tok Pulau Manis is an esteemed scholar, which was hold in high regard by thedignitaries including the Sultan Zainal Abidin I himself. His involvement in producing fiqh writings in J?w?during the 17 and 18th century had placed him as one of the pioneers of the fiqh writing in the Malay Peninsula.

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