Exploring the Ethnic Identity of Youth from Ethnic Minority and Majority Groups in Viet Nam

  •  Le Quyen    
  •  Norzarina Mohd-Zaharim    


This paper aims to examine and compare the ethnic identity of youth from the ethnic minority and majoritygroups in Viet Nam. Students’ ethnic identity was assessed by applying Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure(MEIM) (Phinney, 1992). The participants were conveniently selected from a total of 800 students in twocolleges and two high schools. The results indicated that for youth from ethnic minority groups, the level ofethnic identity search component (a developmental and cognitive component) was higher compared toaffirmation, belonging, and commitment component (an affective component). No significant difference wasfound between male and female students in these two components otherwise there was significant difference onthe ethnic identity search component between college and high school students. In contrast, the score of ethnicidentity search component of the majority group was lower compared to the score of affirmation, belonging, andcommitment component. Significant differences were found between genders for the affirmation, belonging, andcommitment component as well as between high school and college students for the ethnic identity searchcomponent. Overall, the scores of youth from ethnic minority and majority groups were high and similar, andthere was only one significant difference found in the ethnic identity search component between these twogroups.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.