Social Workers Tolerance and Its Development at University Refresher Course

  •  Natalya Ivanovna Nikitina    
  •  Svetlana Nikolaevna Tolstikova    
  •  Veronica Michailovna Grebennikova    


In modern Russia to the vocational education system, is to develop in higher education and training institutionsset of conditions for the development of tolerance as an important characteristic of the individual expertssocio-pedagogical profile. Manifestations of tolerance as an important characteristic of social workers(professionals working in children's homes, social shelters, centers for social assistance to families and children,geriatric centers in Moscow) with a different experience of employment (from 1 to 18 years) were studied by theauthors in the course of fifteen years using valid diagnostic techniques. Identified the relationship of tolerancedevelopment social workers with their individually-typological properties and age and gender characteristics ofthe individual. The article describes the characteristics of the authors developed an individual style manifestationof tolerance: synergy, effectively adaptive, selective.

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