Comprehensive Evaluation of Investment Potential (The Case of the Southern Federal District)

  •  Natalia Kosinova    
  •  Marina Tolstel    
  •  Anna Chekalkina    


The article describes the development of a comprehensive method for assessing the investment potential of theregions (the case of the Southern Federal District). Assessment-based of the region’s investment potential israted, the relationship with gross national product was investigated using regression analysis. The authorsexplore the Scientific approaches to the concept of the regional investment potential, Methods of assessing theregion's investment potential, isolated Factors of the investment potential of the region, Technical andtechnological factors are integral components of the innovation factor, which are added to the model due to theincreasing influence of the degree of innovation on competitiveness and economic systems. Building a system ofindicators, which is formed on the basis of investment potential, carried out with the use of structure-factormodel, which characterizes the process of investment management at the level of regional economic systems?Since factors arise from the resources and economic conditions, then, in fact, they form the dominant theirefficient transformation in product manufacturing to ensure the principle of sustainable development of the area,forming a "core development". The authors explore The SFD's investment potential, the validity of using theproposed methodology for assessing the investment potential, Public-private partnership in the implementationof the investment potential of the region: the essence and prospects of development, Improvement ofpublic-private partnership (the case of the Volgograd region).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.