Collectivism and Individualism in Modern Russia

  •  Vladimir Mamontov    
  •  Tatiana Kozhevnikova    
  •  Yana Radyukova    


Our society is breaking certain dogmas and is fascinated by others, destroys the old idols and worship the new ones. Economic and political conflicts would not be perceived so painful, if we did not lose the eternal spiritualobjectives. Former social ideal, collectivism, recede into the background, replaced by the new individualism,supposedly is bound up in the market economy. Meanwhile, even in the West, individualism as a principle ofsocial life and behavior have been strongly criticized for a long time.The categories of "collectivism" and"individualism" can be the methodological research tools and can provide the opportunity to separate the vitalchanges from nihilism. This article analyzes the collectivist and individualist principles in business activities inRussia, defining the modern of the Russian society. It gives a retrospective analysis of the issue, studies thecauses of deviant worldview patterns of social organization in relation to the original Russian, including theSoviet mentality.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.