Managing Risks of Venture Entrepreneurship

  •  Elena Lopatina    
  •  Cristina Tselih    
  •  Elena Chugunova    
  •  Viktoria Ostrovskaya    


The authors ground the necessity of managing risks of venture entrepreneurship; construct algorithm offormation and introduction of a system of risk-management while operating venture entrepreneurship; analyzethe rationality of its realization at the regional scale and influence on venture entrepreneurship; and conductregressive analysis of dependence of financial economic state of enterprise LLC ‘Innovazstroy’ on introductionof the developed system of risk-management. The study is a regression analysis, with which the authorscalculated the coefficient covariance determination of approximation and draw conclusions about thedependence between introduction of risk-management system and growth of clear profit of LLC 'Innovazstroy'.Developed as a result of the study the model of quantitative and qualitative measuring risk small enterprises allover the world use: risk evaluation (VAR), maximal potential risk (MPE), risk-appétit and risk stock, in order tomeasure and to unite market, credit, operational and other risks. It is necessary for entrepreneur to know actualcost of risk, which influences on their activity.

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