Banking Services Improvement through the Development of Service Technologies

  •  Tatiana Zaitseva    
  •  Gennady Buryakov    
  •  Zhanna Gornostaeva    


The authors analyze the qualitative changes in the nature and orientation of modern society, which led to theemergence of the phenomenon of “customization” and analyze the features of a modern “service of civilization”.The authors use the technique of ABC-and XYZ-analysis to assess the assortment policy in banks. The articledefines the external factors and the theoretical and methodological background of innovative changes in thebanking market. The article also discusses the most promising innovative service technologies in the bankingmarket and the examples of their implementation of Russian and foreign banks. To identify the maincharacteristics of banking products to help meet customer demand, the authors are guided by the model N. Cano,who formulated the “theory of attractive quality” and highlighted the major kinds of needs. Based on analysis oftrends in the global economy, the authors concluded the growing role of the Internet in the development ofservice technology in the banking market and the need for further use of its opportunities for improvement ofbanking services. This paper investigates the key challenges and prospects for the development of servicetechnologies and their impact on the development of banking services.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.