Economic Confidence as a Factor of Management of Russian Banks’ Financial Stability under the Condition of Geopolitical Risks

  •  Alina Andreeva    


The article considers some instruments and technologies which can substantially improve economic confidenceat the Russian market of banking services. The article also covers several factors which restrict possibilities ofeffective management of Russian commercial banks’ financial stability in the current conditions. Geopoliticalrisks realization and their growing influence on development dynamics of the Russian banks call for thenecessity of development of new methods and instruments of financial stability management, which is closelyconnected with increasing of profitability of client operation and creation of system of risk management in banks.The author develops a methodology for calculating the return on customer service, as well as a technique tocontrol profitability of customer service. To facilitate the use of this method the calculation of profitability ofcustomer service to be integrated into a customized version of banking software in the risk management system,so the author creates private banking scheme of strategy in dealing with clients. The author also conductswebsite expertise in private Banking segment of six major private banks, analyzes marketing management of thebank 'financial strategy on the example of OTP Bank, as well as developed and tested a methodology to assessthe maturity level of financial services in a commercial bank, including a major components of management offinancial stability.

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