Russian Market of Agricultural Equipment: Challenges and Opportunities

  •  Irina Morozova    
  •  Tatiana Litvinova    


Agricultural equipment manufacturing is one of the most strategically important sectors of national economyproviding to a large extent food security of the country. The modern society faces food problems, thereforeproblems of agricultural economy development, as well as problems of manufacturing modern agriculturalequipment competitive with foreign analogues; hence, the issue of studying the Russian market of agriculturalequipment is not only of current interest but as well of strategic importance. The article analyzes the condition ofthe Russian agricultural equipment market, which has been critically monopolized today. At the same time,negative tendencies fully formed in its system can exert negative and significant influence on the national foodsecurity (when the customers have no appropriate market choice of agricultural equipment; with vigorous pricemanipulations of the sellers; information failure as well as non-equal terms of market behavior for differentproducers). The authors believe that these tendencies cannot be resolved without active and cautious interferenceof the state specifically into the processes of developing highly competitive business environment. Besides, it isnecessary to work out the concept of accompanying infrastructural developments while manufacturing andmarketing the agricultural equipment; that will optimize the opportunities of the domestic manufacturers.

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