Increased Opportunities for Private Business as a Direction Vector of Development of the Russian Economy (Case of Volgograd Region)

  •  Larisa Shakhovskaya    
  •  Ksenia Klimkova    


The national economy of the Russian Federation would be able to significantly increase annual GDP growth, ifprivate business developed actively, especially small and medium businesses. The authors examined how tosolve this problem in one of the Russian regions - in the Volgograd one. Now Russia's economic policy is aimedat the penetration of market relations in almost all spheres of life, the creation of conditions for their normaldevelopment. However the absolute interaction and separation of functions between the state and marketstructures has not been achieved. They are in constant conflict with each other, thereby exacerbating thedepressive state of the economy. Increase business opportunities will help create for the working population andeconomic conditions that will allow the citizens of its own funds to provide a higher level of social consumption,which includes the best quality services in the field of education and health services, comfortableaccommodation, a decent standard of living in old age. Despite the awareness of solutions aimed at thedevelopment of entrepreneurship, private business faces a number of challenges that make the local authorities.This article describes a number of the problems mentioned above and provides suggestions to increase theopportunities for the development of private enterprise in Russia.

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