Investigation of Entrepreneurial Structures Forest Management Performance of Forestry System in Sparsely Forest-Poor Region

  •  Svetlana Morkovina    
  •  Irina Sibiryatkina    
  •  Elena Konovalova    
  •  Daniil Bourtsev    


The article presents the results of analysis of the performance and use of forests entrepreneurial structuresforestry sparsely wooded region of Russia. Based on the results of Jas-survey of managers of businesses - forestusers are disclosed factors that determine the attractiveness of the business activities in the field of forestryspecies composition and age of the forest stand, and forest conditions that do not depend on the quality ofeconomic activity of enterprise structure. It has been established that the economic accessibility of forestresources is not always significantly reflects the entrepreneurial interest in a forest, which necessitates moreaccurate method for determining the entrepreneurial income. Consideration methodical approach to reviewingthe effectiveness of the functioning and organization of forest management enterprise structures in forestry andsparsely wooded region are two models of business organization in the forestry sector in the forest-poor region.

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