Role of Ecological Marketing in Formation and Development of Ecological Cluster

  •  Elena Popkova    
  •  Yuliya Dubova    
  •  Elena Yakovleva    
  •  Natalia Azarova    
  •  Elena Titova    


The authors ground the necessity of managing processes of wastes emission into the environment; suggestmethodic for assessing damage, caused by polluting and clogging up land resources due to violation ofenvironmental legislation; and assess damage of polluting land area in Volgograd region due to the activity ofLLC ‘EcoCluster’. The authors analyze the influence of institutional environment of ecological cluster on thevalue of transactional costs of economic activity as a factor of economic development of a territory and work outa mechanism of developing ecological cluster as the result of ecological marketing. The article also gives adefinition of ecological marketing, discusses the basis of conducting ecological marketing and its maininstruments. The authors give an example of successful development of ecological cluster in the result ofconducting measures on ecological marketing. Events of ecological marketing within the given ecological cluster,combining government and business, are planned till 2020 and are directed on recycling of municipal solidwastes. The experience of this cluster can be useful for other ecological clusters, because it clearly shows itsdevelopment in the result of conducting ecological marketing events.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.