Improvement of the Evaluation of Quality of the Integrative Intellectual Resource of the Higher Educational Establishment

  •  Klaudia Ivanovna Safonova    
  •  Stanislav Valerievich Podolskii    


The article deals with the analysis of problems and ways of evaluation improvement of the integrative intellectual resource of the modern higher educational establishment. The recommendations on the improvement of indicators aggregate, characterizing the quality of students and teaching staff, were developed and substantiated. The integrative indicators of the intellectual resource evaluation of the higher educational establishment and model of their calculation were offered. It is concluded that it is necessary to improve both organization and estimation of providing the educational services, including the intellectual resource state of the higher educational establishment, as its most important constituent. The offered methods provide evaluation not only of integral indicator of the intellectual resource state, but also of local indicators, i.e. different aspects – professor-teaching staff competence, its ability to arrange contact with the audience, ability of students to perceive material, their activity in the process of study and etc. The methods are applied for estimation of the intellectual resource of the higher educational establishments of different countries, as at all peculiarities of national systems of higher professional education, it faces the similar problems.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.