Where the Dimensions of Religion and Mass Media Social Marketing Campaigns Intersect

  •  Patrick Esch    
  •  Tania Heidt    
  •  Philip Neck    
  •  Linda Jean van Esch    


This paper explores mass media social marketing practitioner insights of where the dimensions of religion and mass media social marketing campaigns intersect. Under an interpretive paradigm (Crotty, 1998), in-depth interviews were conducted with five expert mass media social marketing practitioners in Australia. The data was analysed qualitatively and three themes emerged from the results: (1) The dimensions of religion do have application in mass media social marketing campaigns; (2) participants employed the dimensions of religion with care to avoid a negative effect on the target audience and (3) while social marketing campaigns use ‘preaching’ as a communication medium, it tends not to be deliberately linked to religious practices.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.