Challenges to Growth in Tourism Industry of a Developing Country: The Case of Nigeria

  •  Mohammed Manzuma-Ndaaba Ndanusa    
  •  Yoshifumi Harada    
  •  Md. Aminul Islam    


Nigeria has the potentialities required for tourism development such as natural features and land formations, manmade creativities and artifacts and divergent heterogeneous culture, yet the industry has not grown significantly. The statistical figures in table 1 are an empirical evidence to justify low patronage in terms of international tourists visit to Nigeria. The trend will likely continue downward if urgent and drastic measures are not taken by the Government and other stake holders in the industry to improve the security situation, provide tourism facilities and embark on aggressive image laundry strategy. The researcher conceptualize the potentials and challenges of Nigeria tourism sector as discussed in extent literatures and relevant industry reports and arrived at the conclusion that Government of Nigeria most exert political will and commitment to drive the tourism industry for the development of the economy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.