“Gu Li” – Blooming on the Stage —Narrative Research on the Living World of Child J

  •  Xu Li    
  •  Jing Li    


This thesis takes the current situation and experience of children, as well as its occurrence circumstance, as the content and narrative frame of children’s life-world, and uses the very frame to conduct narrative research on the life-world of child J. The research finds that during the life and associations in kindergarten, although J has many problems and finds herself at a “disadvantageous” position, she is still able to demonstrate her confidence and calm, gaining recognition from her companions and being well-received. All of these are benefit from her special family and her mother’s inculcation. The inspiration lies in two parts: the first part is to accept and trust your children unconditionally; and the second part is to inculcate your children conditionally and wisely.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.