Local Self-Governance as an Institution Which Develops the Social Activism of a Population (a Sociological Analysis)

  •  Konstantin Antipyev    


The growth in social activity of a population and the obvious necessity to enhance the population’s participation in socio-economic transformations at the local level actualizes the problem of the formation of a culture of social activism. The solution requires the development of optimal governance practices by municipal authorities in order to ensure the sustainable growth of the social activity of citizens with regards to solving the problems of self-governance. This article analyzes the determinants of the development of different population groups’ social activity in Russian municipalities. As a result of the research performed, explanatory models of possible, socially useful activity at the local level have been worked out. The criteria and indicators of social activity proposed in this paper contribute to a better understanding of the social potential of the local community in terms of the presence of possible participants conducting the socio-economic transformation in said local community.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.