Trends and Challenges of Educational System in the XXI Century

  •  Madina Serikbekovna Ashilova    
  •  Kalimash Kapsamarovna Begalinova    


This article specifies the main challenges and trends of the modern educational system. It addresses the most pressing educational issues, such as consumerization of modern education, exteriorization of education (transformation of knowledge into information), increase of earthliness and immorality under the conditions of development of consumer society, entertainment and generality, mass character of culture. The author sees the main cause of the crisis in the dominance of Western exploitative attitude towards the nature and people, and western type of education being produced on its basis. Accordingly, the main way out of this situation-an appeal to the Eastern system of upbringing-education cultivating nature and harmonious attitude of a man to it, setting up of fruitful and equal dialogue between the cultures for the purpose of humanization of the modern education. Main goal of research is to give a coherent understanding of the correlation of educational philosophy and philosophy of the western and eastern culture, and to offer the author approach to the social and philosophical understanding of basic scientific definitions of the problem. Main conclusions: the spiritual change of the society means changing of its foundations. Unfortunately, the growing influence of West and Western European education does not imply growth of humanization. On the contrary, the humanization comes from eastern countries. And perhaps through the establishment of intercultural dialogue, the trend in education may become the main.

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