Medical Issues through Idiomatic Perspective

  •  Natalya Zavyalova    


Medical issues are complex and multifarious. My concern is the way medical professionals discuss health issues with patients. My research is focused on the domain of successful “patient-medical professional” communication. I assume that repeated usage of national standardized communicative formulae, idioms mainly, have a direct impact on a general well-being of a patient. With the example of language idiom representations and omnibus survey I concentrate on the most stable human society ways of expression, which should be taken into consideration by medical professionals. With the help of the on-line electronic linguistic corpuses of Russian and Chinese I identify tendencies common to Russian and Chinese patients. The research results have been processed into a database, marked with the Rospatent Certificate (? 2013620397, dated 03/13/2013).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.