The Influence of Phase the Organizational Life Cycle on Organizational Structure Management and Transaction Costs

  •  Elina A Gurianova    
  •  Igor N Gurianov    
  •  Svetlana A Mechtcheriakova    


The aim of this work is to establish the relationship between the stages in the organizational life cycle, management structure and the structure of the transaction costs of the organization. This article discusses the life cycle stages. Are described the major characteristics of each stage, including the features of the organizational structure of the management. For each stage in the life cycle of the organization is different structure of transaction costs, because there are distinctions of the development priorities of the organization. In this article is analyzing the stages of the life cycle from the point of view of transaction costs. Adjustment of structure and the level of transaction costs are achieved by changing the organizational structure of the management, management methods. These operations will enable the organization to make the most effective use of its resources to achieve the objectives of the organization. For each stage of the life cycle is a specific type of organizational management structure. In the article was done the analysis of transaction cost of the enterprise of food industry of the Russian Federation in phases of the organizational life cycle. Draws conclusions on the causes of changes in their structure. Study of the level and structure of transaction costs the organization allows to do analysis of the effectiveness of the functioning of the organization. This analysis allows seeing bottlenecks in the development of the structure of internal and external communications of the organization. That ultimately gives the opportunity to develop a strategy to improve the efficiency of the organization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.