Analysis of the Transaction Cost in Modern Conditions

  •  Elina A Gurianova    
  •  Igor N Gurianov    
  •  Svetlana A Mechtcheriakova    


The activities of any organization linked to transaction costs, which are often of great size. If the organization will be able to lower transaction costs while maintaining performance, this can result in more effective organizational management structure and activities of the organization as a whole. Transaction costs arise because of different interests of the communicating parties, but also because of the uncertainty factor. Because transaction costs was escorted somehow all the functioning of the organization, you must implement their accounting and analysis. This will help to understand the causes of transaction costs and reduce them. But when ones transaction costs are decrease another transaction costs can increase. In order to reduce transaction costs, the need to consider options for the management structure, which would enable the organization to achieve their goals? The various organizational structures of governance have a different structure of transaction costs and a different size of transaction costs. Not to use the methodology transaction cost analysis can lead to unreasonable use of the resources of the organization. Analysis of the transaction cost is not possible without clear classification. In this article, this classification is presented. Transaction costs can be considered as the cost of the resources spent on the transaction. This allows you to calculate the size of transaction costs in the size in a cost equivalent. By use of the methodology which was proposed in this article, were examined the organizations that are located in Russian Federation and works in the petrochemical industry.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.