Benefits of Project Management at Lean Manufacturing Tools Implementation

  •  Tatyana A Suetina    
  •  Mikhail Y Odinokov    
  •  Dinara M Safina    


The given article is devoted to reviewing the features of projects focused on implementation of lean manufacturing tools at the industrial enterprises. The study purpose is the statement of need to implement transformations in the field of lean manufacturing introduction (Lean-transformations) in the form of projects. The article introduces a concept of lean production project (Lean-project), the particular projects possessing the special aspects to be taken into consideration in the course of their implementation at various enterprises. The article demonstrates the benefits of Lean-transformations at applying the methods of project management. The key distinction of such projects is their result to be received upon completion. The result of the investment projects completion is to put into place a product or a service. The result of Lean-projects implementation is the introduction of lean manufacturing tools at the industrial enterprises to consequently obtain cost-effectiveness and a number of competitive advantages. Thus, the investment projects and Lean-projects are different in their constituent elements the study of which will make possible to formulate a system view of lean manufacturing project implementation. The article in general is focused on combination of two potent methodological frameworks-Project Management and Lean Manufacturing, each of which provides a means of obtaining significant benefits at their expert implementation and use. Combination of these is urged to provide multiplicative effect in the course of putting into practice the transformations at the industrial enterprises. However, to achieve the due effect it is necessary to be guided by the peculiar features of lean manufacturing projects what will necessarily call forth the correction of lean manufacturing methodological framework and derogation from stringent requirements of Lean Thinking concept.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.