The Investment Climate in Russia and Its Regions

  •  Anna S Obukhova    
  •  Natalya A Mashkina    


In article the main questions of forming of the investment climate of Russia and its regions are considered. Research purpose is the analysis of the investment climate of Russia and its regions, and also determination of priorities of its development. Scientific novelty consists in identification of factors (social, economic, organizational, legal, political, social cultural), having impact on the investment climate. At the heart of the investment climate investment appeal which understands as availability of the certain conditions influencing the investor for a choice of this or that investment object lies. By results of the conducted research it is possible to allocate two main components of the investment climate or investment appeal of the country (region): objective opportunities of the region-an investment potential and conditions of activities of the investor-investment risk.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.