Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Bank Profitability: Examining relationships in an Iranian Bank

  •  Khaled Nawaser    
  •  Moein Ahmadi    
  •  Yousef Ahmadi    
  •  Maliheh Dorostkar    



Organizational citizenship behavior is an individual and voluntary behavior that is not designed directly by formal reward system. Nevertheless, it causes increase in effectiveness and efficiency of organization performance. This study aims to evaluate and analyze relationship between organization citizenship behavior and profitability of branches of Mellat Bank in Kerman Province. Sample consists of all formal employees of Mellat Bank branches in Kerman Province that work in 87 branches of Kerman Province. In order to collect required data, a questionnaire was used for variable ' organizational citizenship behavior' and for evaluation of bank profitability, records and documents of bank branches were used. Results of Pearson correlation coefficient suggest that there is a significant relationship between citizenship behavior and profitability in branches of Mellat Bank in Kerman Province. Based on results from regression analysis, it was revealed that dimensions of civil participation and respect predict profitability of the bank branches positively and significantly.

Keywords: organizational citizenship behavior, profitability, Mellat Bank

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.