Mediating Role of Personality Factors in the relationship between Internal Marketing and Customer Orientation: A Review

  •  Gafar Yusuf    
  •  Inda Sukati    
  •  Thoo Chin    


Internal marketing remains an important business strategy that contributes meaningfully to the welfare of the banks’ employees who play the role of internal customers in their organizations thereby enhancing organizational commitment. To improve productivity and stand the taste of time, bank management should avail themselves of the opportunities offered by internal marketing. Therefore, this paper attempts to review the relationship between internal marketing and customer orientation on one hand and between internal marketing and organizational commitment on the other. The paper employs the library method to collect information and thereby subject this information to analysis by adopting comparative, deductive and inductive methods. It was establishes that internal marketing has significant effect on organizational commitment and customer orientation. Equally, internal marketing is found to be positively related with each of the personality factors as exhibited by the employees in the discharge of their responsibilities except internal communication which shows a no positive relationship. It was concluded that internal marketing is a mechanism that can be adopted by organizations especially bank management in their core operations and values in order to achieve their set objectives.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.