Service Quality Dimensions of Electricity Services: Evidence from Electricity Board in Sri Lanka

  •  S. Achchuthan    
  •  N. Sivathaasan    
  •  J. M. R. S. Jayasundara    


The paper tries to develop an empirical model of service quality in terms of electricity services that may form a basis for a better understanding of its determinants. Specifically, it's aimed to identify the dimensions of service quality of electricity services provided by the Ceylon Electricity Board located in Badulla District. The study employs exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and the service quality dimensions are identified using it as an independence technique. Data were collected by a structured questionnaire that consists of two sections as Part A and B. A total of 300 usable responses (n =300) were obtained through simple random sampling technique. The model consists of five dimensions such as tangibility, empathy, responsiveness, reliability, and assurance that have been detected by exploratory factor analysis. Further, results revealed that dimensions extracted from the analysis accounted for 62.899 percent of the total variance. While the study limits to the electricity services provided by the public sector organization based in Badulla district, the findings introduce the dimensions of service quality for electricity services, which may be a base for other scholars.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.