Improving TRIZ 40 Inventive Principles Grouping in Redesign Service Approaches

  •  Nadhmi Gazem    
  •  Azizah Rahman    


Over the past decade, different studies have been conducted in order to create or redesign services by using the systematic innovation method known as TRIZ – the theory of inventive problem solving. TRIZ has a range of powerful tools to solve problems and the most widely tool used to identify and solve contradictions in the system are the 40 inventive principles (IPs). Only a few studies have grouped the 40 IPs in terms of service context to overcome the problem of consuming time and effort while the designer endeavors to find the best principle(s) that may help to solve a service problem. This study enhanced and refined the previous grouping of the 40 IPs under five service redesign approaches (SRA): self-service, direct service, pre-service, bundled service and physical service. The methodology used to group these principles was by mapping between the principles hints, which have been developed to interpret the TRIZ principles in service context, and each characteristic of the SRA. A comparison between TRIZ contradiction matrix and proposed grouping for a problem case study has been conducted, and it has demonstrated and verified the feasibility of grouping of the 40 principles according to the SRA.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.