Integrating Islamic Financing and Halal Industry: A Survey on Current Practices of the Selected Malaysian Authority Bodies

  •  Nurul Muhamed    
  •  Nathasa Ramli    
  •  Sumaiyah Aziz    
  •  Nor Yaakub    


Halal industry is a vast industry that consists of several sectors; ranging from food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, services (i.e. transportation and logistics) and, banking and finance. All these various sectors in the actual state of practices are currently positioned separately. This paper expands the proposal of integrating halal industries with the Islamic funds. Principally, these sectors should not be deemed separately as they are under the same umbrella of Shariah. The collaboration of the industry can lead to harmonious system that can support each other. In this case, the Islamic financial system through Islamic banking and capital market instruments will channel their long term funding to other Halal industry. As the start, it is important to look at the current practices of authority bodies in the sectors of Halal industry (except for Islamic banking and finance) and Islamic capital market. This outlook is prioritized given that the authority bodies will influence the behavior of the players. This paper focuses on Halal industry in Malaysia. Specifically, the main selected documents of the related authority bodies in this industry were assessed to grasp their approaches regarding Shariah compliance approval or Halal recognition. This will contribute to an initiative that can integrate this industry from the policy makers and supervisors’ perspective. Finding shows that there are different angles of Halal aspects focused by these authority bodies, and there is a room for adjustment towards integration.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.