Indonesian Customary Court Concept In The Future

  •  Lilik Mulyadi    
  •  Ronald Hasudungan Sianturi    


This paper initiated the concept of indigenous Indonesian judicial ideal future, oriented to three models of Customary Courts. First, Indigenous Justice is independent. Second, Justice Custom In General Court. Third, the General Court Justice for Indigenous Case With Accommodating Indigenous Values??. The selection of the three alternative models in Indigenous Justice initiated the concept of the ideal future is a choice of how the political dynamics of the existence of the law fore Justice Indigenous ways of looking at one side with the formal law on the other. Clearly, if the Customary Court will be chosen level with Formal Law (National Law) that is independent; is part of the Formal Law (National Law) entered the room so that the General Court, or custom values ??so as to be accommodated in the National Law National Law higher than Customary Law as dynamic as it is today.

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