The Effect of Entrepreneurial Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Failure Learning on the Entrepreneurial Restart Intention

  •  Le Quan    
  •  Hungta Huy    


Being an entrepreneur or continuing to work as a regular employee is a difficult decision a number of people are dealing with when choosing their career. The entrepreneurs can contribute for the economics’ growth. However, because of the high rate of failure businesses, the failed entrepreneurs have to deal with amorous difficulties. This study has conducted to identify the life of the entrepreneurs who had failure experiences from the time after their failure to the recovery time of them. The quantitative method was conducted to find the relationship between the entrepreneurial human capital and the learning process from failure, the restart intention. The finding of this research indicated positive impact of entrepreneurial human capital and failure learning on restart intention. The research also provided evidences to scholars who are developing literature review of entrepreneurship to help them with a new researching direction about entrepreneurs’ intentions and behaviors by using Motivation-Opportunity-Ability perspectives. Based on this study, failed entrepreneurs would be provided with different points of view about their collapse, as well as found some helpful mechanisms to use as resources and drew useful lessons from their failure to build up optimism in their future entrepreneurial career.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.