Relationship between Mentoring, Self-Efficacy, Person Job-Fit and School Culture with Work Adjustment among New Teachers

  •  Vichetera Rajagani Diwyaa    


Adjustment is an important issue for all employees regardless of the industries in which they are in. These include those new teachers who fall within the education career category. The first few years of transition from being a trainee teacher to new teacher would call for these teachers to adjust themselves to new job requirements. New teachers are bound to deal with new tasks which they are unfamiliar with during teacher training. Hence, they need to adapt themselves to a different type of task, organizational culture and work environment. There are several factors that cause the early years of teaching being difficult. It is like teaching responsibilities, challenges of teaching, school culture, school climate and work environment that does not support. Each teacher had come from different circumstances, different backgrounds, and qualifications and they may vary. So it is clear that new teachers will need particular support in line with their needs. This conceptual paper proposes a new model of work adjustment to ensure better work adjustment for new teachers in Malaysian Public School. It is largely based on the Theory of Work Adjustment or TWA (Dawis & Lofquist, 1984).

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