An Examination of Two Dimensions of Physician Perceived Value on Physician Satisfaction in the Yemeni Pharmaceutical Industry

  •  Mohsen Ali Murshid    
  •  Mohd Suberi Bin A B Halim    
  •  Abdullah Bin Osman    


This paper explores the relationship between dimensions of perceived value by the physician and his level of satisfaction in the pharmaceutical industry in Yemen. The two dimensions of customer perceived value, namely, perceived quality (PQ) and perceived sacrifices (PS) are considered critical antecedents to physician satisfaction. Marketing researchers generally study two dimensions of perceived value, especially in the service sector: PQ and perceived sacrifice. However, the literature lacks studies on the two dimensions together, customer perceived value (CPV) (Li & Green, 2011), and influence on customer satisfaction (CS). In this quantitative research, a survey of 170 physicians in Yemen was analyzed using the software SPSS version 19 adopting statistical techniques. The research results indicated the three hypothesized significant positive relationships between perceived value dimensions and physician satisfaction. However, PQ explained more of the variance in physician satisfaction than the perceived sacrifice. The empirical study and the results provided an evidence for managers that the critical influence of the dimension perceived values by the physician on his level of satisfaction in the pharmaceutical industry is important.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.