Research on the Status of Students’ Participation in Sports in Some Private Middle Schools in Qingdao, China

  •  Li Liu    


Via document retrieval, interviews and investigation and other methods, we researched the current situation of the students’ participation in physical education in 13 private middle schools in Qingdao, China. According to their own marketing positions, private schools can be classified into three types: The civil schools catering to the labor stratum, relative schools catering to the migration workers, exclusive schools catering to the middle and high level earning families. Through the research to the first two type schools, we find that most of such private schools are run with poor conditions and loose teaching management, the PE teachers' quality is blow, families have little positive influence in the students’ participation of sports activities and students’ sports participation awareness is not strong, we hope that we can find out some existing problems and propose our feasible suggestions which may improve the current situation of school’s physical education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.