Churn Analytics on Indian Prepaid Mobile Services

  •  P.S. Rajeswari    
  •  P. Ravilochanan    


India, the second largest in telecommunication industry facing acute rise in mobile churn. Churn rate is very high in prepaid segment when compared with postpaid in India. Even though marketers are devoting huge investments on retention campaigning they could not arrest the churn rate. Many attractive promotional schemes and packages were offered to retain the prepaid customers as the cost of acquisition is very expensive. They were all found to be ineffective since churn rate is pungently alarming every day in prepaid scenario. Hence it is highly imperative to devise proactive retention strategies by percolating the operational churn factors and to design predictive model to stem out the churn rate in India. Thus this study focuses on the factors influencing churn in prepaid segment and conceptual predictive model using neural networks to enervate customer churn.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.