Translating Circumstantial Clause of Arabic into Malay

  •  Azman Mat    
  •  Ahmad Yaakub    
  •  Nurhafizah Tajuddin    


This paper aims to examine the function of circumstantial clause of Arabic for its translation into Malay. Circumstantial clause is among functional syntax in Arabic sentence structure. It is formed from the words or phrase in the sentence. This pattern does not seem to exist in the Malay grammar. In such circumstances, there is the difficulty to understand the meaning contained in a sentence correctly. Descriptive approach was used to analyze the circumstantial clause in Arabic. Comparative analysis is carried out on selected data of Arabic language with its translation in Malay. It is expected that there exist a need to understand the differences of these patterns in the work of the Arabic translation into Malay language.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.