Needs Assessment for the Development of Entrepreneurship Curriculum for a Master’s Degree Program

  •  Aree Naipinit    
  •  Thongphon Promsaka Na Sakolnakorn    
  •  Patarapong Kroeksakul    


The objective of this study is to study the opinion of entrepreneurs toward an entrepreneurship degree, to study the opinion of bachelor’s degree students toward a master’s degree in entrepreneurship, and to study the guideline for a master’s degree in an entrepreneurship program. In this study, we used the quantitative method within the questionnaire provided to entrepreneurs and bachelor’s degree students, and we analyzed the results using mean and standard deviation. We also utilized a qualitative method using small group discussion by inviting five academics to discuss the guidelines for a master’s degree in an entrepreneurship program. The results of this study show that the entrepreneurial skills most required are communication and collaboration, the skill of teamwork is higher amongst graduates from master degree programs, and that most bachelor degree students who wish to study in the graduate program think about job opportunities first (in both the public and private sector) and hope that graduate study will increase their knowledge, skills, experience from knowledge and knowledge-sharing in class, and will result in a new way of thinking. In addition, problem-based learning and active learning are very important for a master’s degree program.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.