Organizational Health: Delineation, Constructs and Development of a Measurement Model

  •  Hari A P Nair    
  •  Dileep Kumar    
  •  Subramaniam Sri Ramalu    


The present study examines Organizational Health (OH) for the definition that has been inexplicably characterized and about whose significance has been a high level of variability in academician’s and practitioners understanding hitherto. The purpose of this paper is to develop constructs and factors influencing OH within the context of the system theory in order to create a measurement model that can be used to measure business performance with Organizational changes. Data is consolidated using the Delphi technique with the opinions of experts from diverse fields within Malaysia. The study identified an OH measurement model consisting three multilevel constructs such as Culture & Change Capacity, Goal Alignment and Competence Adequacy. There are 28 factors which collectively influence the degree of OH in an Organization. These factors are itemized to convert the model into a survey based instrument of measure. The measurement enables practitioners to identify potential deterioration of health conditions in the organization well in advance and vaccinate through appropriate and timely Organizational Development interventions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.