A Study on Corporate Image, Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty in the Context of Retail Stores

  •  Selda Ene    
  •  Betul Ozkaya    


In the intense competitive environment, in order for a retail store to gain strength and competitive edge, it needs to possess a strong corporate image and to keep and satisfy its customers. The retail store will create a successful brand loyalty due to its ability to be equipped with a strong corporate image and to increase customer satisfaction.Key elements that are effective in creating brand loyalty that enables the retail store to have a competitive edge, have an order of corporate image of the business, customer satisfaction, customer expectations, the product or the service quality that is perceived and perceived value. Setting from this point on, this study addresses corporate image and customer satisfaction elements that effect brand loyalty and surveys have been conducted with customers who shop from the retail stores in Istanbul and the relationship between customer satisfaction and brand loyalty is examined with regression analysis.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.