A Comparative Study of Perfectionism, Coping Style & Interpersonal Relationship between Music Major and Non-music Major College Students

  •  Jun Wang    
  •  Pingping Zhao    


The target of this thesis is to study differences on perfectionism, coping style and interpersonal relationship between music major college students and non-music major college students. The main study methods are to make the use of Frost multi-dimensional perfectionism scale, coping style questionnaire and college student interpersonal relationship comprehensive diagnostic scale to measure 350 college students. The results of the study show that: (1) The scores of music major students on coping style are apparently higher than those of non-music students. (2) On the parents criticism dimension of the perfectionism, the immature dimension of the coping style and the mixture dimension, the scores of music major students are apparently higher than those of non-music students, while the scores of music major students are apparently lower than those of non-music students on orderliness dimension, friends communication dimension of interpersonal relationship. The differences on other dimensions between music major students and non-music major students are not apparent. So the conclusion of the thesis is that music major students have more problems on the coping style than non-music students do.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.