Lost in Déjà Vu—The Textual Analysis of Nettles Based on Intertextuality

  •  Yanlong Yang    
  •  Chenxue Wu    


In this thesis, the author focuses on the application of intertextuality depending on the textual analysis of Nettles in order to demonstrate how the art of intertextuality helps to achieve this story by employing other texts to serve this story. Just like a mosaic, this text is a coinage of quotations and a combination of absorption and transformation of anther texts. As a result, this “mosaic” creates Déjà Vu —a kind of phenomenon that is somewhat similar to what recently happened, or something reminded you of something that happened in the past which you seem to have already encountered before. In this thesis, gender differences, gender roles, usage of different sources and readers’ former images and knowledge will be involved in the analysis of this story from the angle of intertextuality. This thesis will help to enlighten how intertextuality being a device to create Déjà Vu phenomenon, and in what world that can people get lost.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.