The Relationship between Speaking Anxiety and Oral Fluency of Special Education Arab Learners of English

  •  Ashraf Atta M S Salem    
  •  Mosaad Abu Al Dyiar    


The current study aimed at investigating the relationship between speaking anxiety and oral fluency of Arab intermediate school students. It also investigates the differences between male and females students in speaking anxiety profile and their oral fluency performance. The sample of the study consists of (121) students in intermediate school in the state of Kuwait (68 males and 53 females). The mean age of the sample is (9.74) years and standard deviation is (1.46) years. The descriptive research design was used. The researcher used speaking anxiety scale that was developed by Berko et al. (2004) and an oral fluency skills interview. Results of the study showed that there are positive relation between student speaking anxiety and their performance in oral performance skills of male students and the total sample of the study. It is also found that no relations were found between female students speaking anxiety and their oral fluency performance. Findings indicated that there were statistically significant differences between male and female students in oral fluency in favor of male students. Whereas, no statistically significant differences were found between male and female students in their speaking anxiety.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.