Engagement in Hope as Well as Disorders: An Integrated Perspective of Positive Psychology and Peer Counseling

  •  Qisheng Zhan    
  •  Yuanyuan Liu    
  •  Xiaoling Wang    
  •  Jie Shang    


Psychological Monitors are the special social group that originated from mental health education in Chinese colleges. The working model of Psychological Monitors is similar to the peer counseling in the USA and European Countries. However, Psychological Monitors have their own characteristics which are related with the managerial institutions of Chinese colleges. This article integrates better foreign experience about peer guidance and constructs new working model of Psychological Monitors from the perspective of positive psychology. This model includes such contents as how to popularize positive mental health theories, how to carry positive mental health counseling into effect and how to build up positive mental states and corresponding behavioral patterns.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.